Starring reality show star Bruce Parry, this spot is based on his nightmare vision of the world where we all have become slaves of the machines of consumerism that feed on natural resources.

Everything was created in-camera, except for the animated characters.
We built a double-sided mirror box and shot the miniature landscape through the glass. To create the infinity reflection effect we had to make sure the studio was in complete darkness and the only light sources were inside of the box. Two manipulators moved the machine parts from below the table where the setup was mounted.


Agency: Red Bee Media
Direction: Guilherme Marcondes
Production Company: Hornet Inc.
Producer: Hana Shimizu
DP NY: Aaron Phillips
DP London: Fede Alfonzo
Production Designers: Ryan Heck and Andy Byers
Design: Guilherme Marcondes and Douglas Alves
Animation and Compositing: Guilherme Marcondes
Additional Compositing: John Harrison.
Music: Huma Huma